Are all times when families come together. Often when the family comes together, topics which are otherwise shuffled into the ‘all too hard basket’ other times of the year are forced out into the open.
An adult son and his newly wed wife may come home from the city and eyeball the question, “have you sorted out your succession plan yet?” Perhaps Aunty Pat is visiting, and you know she has been procrastinating and procrastinating on appointing you as her Enduring Guardian, and you can see she is clearly starting to fail – but wonder how you can ever raise that question without causing offence? Or you can observe that your recently separated daughter is clearly pressed by the parenting arrangements she has in place, and want to see something give? Maybe the plan is to finally sit down with the children and discuss in a frank and open conversation your plans for retirement and consequently their return home to the family business or farm? However it may be, ensure that you are aware of what your legal rights are so that you can have informed discussions. Safe travels & happy family time this Easter long weekend!

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