Emalene Gemmell

I started this practice because I wanted to provide clients with a distinct approach to family law. People need a flexible mix of good advice, strong representation and an understanding of the emotion involved. Family law can be complex and challenging. As solicitors, our job is to guide you through the legal process so you can achieve the best possible outcomes given your individual circumstances.

We are your family law specialists, there for you when you need us most.

Emalene Gemmell, Principal Solicitor

Resolution Pathways

If you are separating or divorcing, Court is not your only option. Most separated families are able to reach agreement without filing Court proceedings. We can assist you with your negotiations with your partner.

Resolution pathways are key to our practice. When a family breaks down, Court is not the only option. Most separated families can reach agreement without filing Court proceedings. We assist in this process. Wherever possible, we adopt alternative dispute resolution practices. We do this because this approach can result in a more cost-effective and timely resolution of matters.

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Parenting Matters

Parenting matters in family law can take many forms. Issues relating to children can be complex and varied.

Separation and divorce can cause major disruption to your child’s life. How you and your ex-partner parent your child moving forward can be challenging. At Emalene Gemmell Family Law we can help you with complex parenting matters including child safety and domestic violence issues, live with & spend time with arrangements, relocating with children, child abduction (Hague Convention), children’s and parenting arrangements; and parenting orders.

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Financial Matters

When relationships start and families are ‘born’, property often becomes intertwined and conventional boundaries can be blurred. When these relationships break down, the division of property needs to occur so that all parties can move forward separately in their respective lives. Property can take on many forms these days. There are many financial structures, investment types and superannuation options available, and it’s increasingly important to choose a Family Lawyer who understands how to identify, value and advise regarding the effective division of assets.

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Planning your Family’s Future

Assisting you to plan for your family’s future is essential and can take on many forms.

Our Principal Solicitor has completed postgraduate study in Complex Estate & Succession Planning, Conveyancing Practises, and is a Notary Public.

When your or your family’s circumstances change, a review of previous plans made needs to occur. As family law specialists, we have the necessary experience and skill to help you. We understand that putting plans in place for the future can be an exciting, or at times a daunting, thought. We can assist you with this.

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