This drought has been harsh and non-discriminating in the properties affected. Not often you complete a school run or duck down the street for a coffee or a loaf of bread that you don’t see loaded B-Double’s with stock or feed being transported. Alas, we all welcome the day this isn’t such a ‘frequent’ sight. The New England and North West has done it equally as tough, and it is not uncommon for our families to be selling and consequently facilitating the transport of stock and/or feed interstate. These are trying times and a cause for many families to reconsider their approaches, and the future direction of their hard efforts. The constant gamble of will it rain? Do we sow? Do we de-stock? Do we put cattle on the road to feed? Will the feed we have, last? Should we sell? If you are contemplating these tough questions or if these are regular discussions around your kitchen table…
You are not alone!
Contact us today to discuss options available to you and your family, so that you can have a succession plan in place. You may already have a plan, but recent circumstances have caused you to rethink this. You may want to sell or even subdivide? Whatever your situation, for a fixed-fee personalised consultation you can understand how you can plan for your family’s future. Client’s often say to us, “I should have called sooner, a weight has been lifted!” – (02) 5733 5885 or

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