Proceedings have commenced, the Court has ordered the production of 3rd party material, via subpoena…attempts to reconcile ‘may’ have all but passed, or, maybe not… & ‘hatred’ and ‘clouded’ anger have set in for reasons which ring justifiably true to the aggrieved.
Material is filed and you are faced with reading a ‘version of your life story’ which often isn’t quite the version you have lived or experienced and would consequently swear or affirm an affidavit detailing the facts as you see them.
To read the material filed or correspondence forwarded to you or your lawyer is often hurtful and simply drives the needle in a little further, and the untruths just add a little more salt to the wound which needs defending.
There may or may not be scope to resolve by alternative dispute resolution. Most often there is, but so often there isn’t, and the allegations need to be heard and the evidence tested and ruled upon.
If it is all TOO mUch TO ChEW, contact us today so we may navigate you through this process and achieve an outcome which is right for you!

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